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Aurelia Starlight is a dedicated kindergarten teacher who is passionate about fostering a nurturing learning environment for the young children. She believes in the importance of the early childhoods educations and is committed to providing the positive and enriching of experience for her students at Kitar Kindergarten . Mrs. Starlight value open communication with parents,actively engage in creative and age-appropriate teaching methods, and encourages the development,
of each child’s unique talents and abilities. To stay updated on Mrs. Starlight’s activities and the happenings at Kitar Kindergarten,you may want to check the school’s official website, newsletters, or any communication channels Starlight’s activities and the happenings established by the school.

Educational Information

Aurelia Starlight creates a nurturing learnings environment for the young minds, adorned with the engaging educational tools and interactive teaching methods. With a commitment to fostering creativity on skill.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) from Sunflower State Teachers College
  • Master of Education (MEd) from Riverside Graduate School of Education
  • Master of Science in Education (MSEd) from Crestview Teachers College
  • Teacher Certification Program from Summit Professional Development Center

Professional Skills

I provide flexible teaching schedules to cater to your busy lifestyle. Whether you prefers to plan lessons well in advance or require a same-day session, I am dedicated to adapting to your learning needs.





Time Management


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